Protect and Enhance your IoT Network and Devices with Cloudflare for IoT
  • Firewall for IoT devices
  • Block vulnerability exploit attempts
  • Prevent brute force attacks
  • Save bandwidth on firmware installs
  • Extend device battery life
  • Secure Devices Against Zero Day Vulnerabilities
    Secure Devices Against Zero Day Vulnerabilities
    With Cloudflare’s IoT Firewall you benefit from Cloudflare’s 24/7 security team constantly watching for new zero day vulnerabilities, and deploying firewall rules to block exploit attempts. This means that with traffic going through Cloudflare’s firewall, your devices are never vulnerable to the the most recent exploits.
  • Prevent brute force attacks
    Prevent brute force attacks
    Some endpoints, such as device pairing endpoints for IoT devices, have become recent subject of brute force attack. Cloudflare’s IoT Firewall offers per-endpoint rate limiting to prevent brute force attacks and ensure devices are secure. Plus, advanced features like rate limiting on specific HTTP methods, and custom JSON return responses give fine-grain control over device protection.
  • Extend Battery Life
    Extend Battery Life
    Establishing expensive TLS connections or keeping open connections on slow internet could drain limited device battery and ruin a customer’s experience with an IoT device. With features like highly optimized TLS session resumption, Cloudflare ensures devices spend minimal time transferring data and maximal battery life to perform consumer driven tasks.
  • Protect Devices From Getting Hacked
    Protect Devices From Getting Hacked
    We work with you to create unique firewall rules for your traffic to block suspicious or malicious packets. There’s no reason for an unauthenticated, outside device to be sending or requesting data from servers on your network—Cloudflare’s IoT Firewall helps eliminate that possibility.
  • Minimize Bandwidth Costs
    Minimize Bandwidth Costs
    Serving firmware updates to millions of devices can result in high bandwidth costs. Cloudflare will work with you to add custom logic to cache and serve updates out of our 100+ data centers to only devices that can be updated, minimizing the unnecessary cost of serving updates to incompatible devices.
  • Easy Setup
    Easy Setup
    No coding required, just use Cloudflare as your DNS provider, and Cloudflare will automatically route traffic accordingly.

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