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Built on the same infrastructure that allows Google to return billions of search results in milliseconds, serve 6 billion hours of YouTube video per month and provide storage for 425 million Gmail users.

The flexibility of Google Cloud Platform coupled with the power and protection of the Cloudflare community is just a button-click away.


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Quizlet saved 50% on their monthly Google Cloud Network Egress Bill and had a 76% reduction (over 10 Tb) of daily bandwidth use.

Google Cloud Platform CDN Interconnect Collaboration

We’re excited to announce that Cloudflare is now part of the Google Cloud Platform CDN Interconnect program. Cloudflare customers leveraging Google Cloud Platform can now benefit from reduced pricing and faster connections between Cloudflare and their origin server(s).

North America


South America



Asia Pacific

While Cloudflare’s CDN already ensures minimal latency by caching content as close to your users as possible, this collaboration optimizes connectivity between Google’s network and Cloudflare connection used for cache misses.

How Does It Work?

As part of this program, 37 Cloudflare data centers are directly connected to Google Cloud Platform’s infrastructure. When one of these Cloudflare data centers requests content from a Google Cloud Platform origin, it’s routed through a high-performance interconnect instead of the public Internet. This dramatically reduces latency for origin requests, and it also enables discounted Google Cloud Platform egress pricing in the US, Europe and Asia regions.

Once the origin returns a response to Cloudflare, it benefits from all the features of the Cloudflare network. Static content is cached by our CDN, all requests can be served over HTTPS thanks to our Universal SSL offering, web content is automatically optimized, and our network protects your origin server from DDoS and SQL injection attacks.

Discounted Egress Pricing

In order to receive discounted egress pricing from Google, CDN Interconnect customers should email [email protected] with their Google Cloud project ID and Google Cloud regions which they have services in. Google will apply pricing discounts which will take effect by the next invoice period.

Let’s Get Started

Google Cloud Platform customers using Cloudflare as a CDN enjoy reduced pricing and increased performance of this partnership. For Google Cloud Platform developers who aren’t on the Cloudflare network, you can sign up for a Cloudflare account that best fits your needs.

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